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The Verdes Blends you know and love are now available in vape cartridges! This new product was created to offer you the relief of our flower blends in a vapable option.

Made using 100% pure cannabis oil these cartridges are flavorful and potent. Each blend is created using flower with a terpene profiles that will help you achieve optimal relief.  

Each blend is available per each harvest, so selection will vary.

Verdes Bedtime Blend features a rich earthy flavor, thanks to this blend's abundance of humulene. Crafted with 7 other terpenes, this Bedtime Blend can turn even a bad day into a good night’s sleep!

Crafted from a special blend of Verdes cannabis flower with sweet limonene, similar in profile to the blood orange. Verdes Love Potion Blend is a unique partnership of limonene, myrcene and 3 other terpenes to help you melt into passion.

Verdes Go Blend protects your brain with rich pinene while inspiring daily activity and concentration, thanks to the abundance of limonene. Go on, be active!

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