Tangerine Kush 23% THC, .1% CBD

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Tangerine Kush is a relaxing strain that has high amounts of THC. It has a high representation of the terpene myrcene which reduces anxiety.  Many of our PTSD clients use Tangerine Kush to reduce their anxiety and inspire creativity. Pinene and myrcene are two of the many terpenes found in this strain yet are consistently represented in the greatest quantity. Pinene can fight off short term memory loss that is associated with THC. Tangerine Kush is great for reducing stress and insomnia. 

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1 Review

Brandon 5th Mar 2018

Make TK a house regular!

As a patient who suffers from chronic pain and insomnia, Tangering Kush is an answered prayer. Great pain reliever and helps me prep for sleep.

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