Skunk #1- 21%THC and .03%CBD

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Skunk #1 contains high amounts of the compound THC.  Our Skunk plant is very special and has been a part of our menu for many years. It has a citrus profile while smelling sweet and floral. It has large amounts of the terpenes b-caryophyllene and limonene. It is the abundant representation of limonene which makes this strain uplifting and an aphrodisiac. This plant is a key ingredient in our Love Potion Blend. B-caryophyllene is known for soothing stomach issues and fighting off inflammation. 

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1 Review

AT 13th Jul 2017

Amazing Sativa

This strain from Verdes is excellent. It smells and tastes great. It tends to be less anxious compared to other strains but still gives the energy and pain relief needed to get through the day. If you are prone to anxiety, then use this strain in small amounts and you won't be disappointed.

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