New Verdes Craft: 3 Things to Know

We understand that walking into dispensary can be overwhelming. With so many cannabis options to choose, how do you know what is right for you? No matter if you are a long time cannabis connoisseur, or if you are new to cannabis, our Verdes Craft line takes the guess work out of symptom relief.

Every Verdes Craft option is clearly labeled and includes the primary terpenes (when applicable) in each product. This helps you understand the symptom relief you can expect. Products that are included in our craft line are made with Verdes quality flower, crafted in-house, terpene-centric, and/or create a soothing experience in your home.

Here are the 3 things you should know about Verdes Craft:


Verdes Terpene Candles
The Verdes Craft line makes feeling better easy. From our aromatic terpene candles to our newest Verdes Flower Blend prerolls, these products are clearly labeled to ensure you achieve the relief you need.


Variety of Products
Verdes Craft includes something for everyone. Our Verdes Craft line includes:

Our Verdes Craft line is full of remedies that create the space for you to heal, at home and on the go. Try combining several products to create a completely customized experience.


Verdes Craft Blends
We know that patients love Verdes flower blends. We have improved our blends by creating new terpene-centric blend options for you. The flower strains used for each blend are selected by our knowledgeable nurse staff based upon the therapeutic properties of each flower’s terpene profile. This allows us to help you achieve the best symptom relief while reducing strain tolerance, which can happen when you only consume a particular flower strain. Craft blends are created per available harvest, so in-store blend options will vary and supplies may be limited.

Verdes Go Blend: Be Active For an all-natural way to perk up your energy, Verdes Go Blend utilizes the strengths of two specific terpenes, pinene and limonene, to give you a mental boost.

Verdes Vibrant Blend: Be Happy Need a lift? Primarily featuring two terpenes, ocimene and limonene, Verdes Vibrant Blend will dispel that cloud hanging over your head and bring in some much-needed sunshine. The zesty scent of limonene and ocimene will awaken your senses, and both terpenes work as anti-inflammatories to ease pain.

Verdes Bedtime Blend: Be Mellow Do you have trouble sleeping at night due to pain or just need to relax? Verdes Bedtime Blend highlights two terpenes, humulene and myrcene, to loosen your muscles and ease you into a good night’s sleep.

Verdes Belly Blend: Be Soothed Tap into your inner peace and center yourself with Verdes Belly Blend. The union of b-caryophyllene and linalool work together to easy body cramps and promote gut health.

Verdes Love Potion: Be Passionate With citrusy limonene to invigorate your senses, and earthy myrcene to provide intense bodily relaxation, we’ve concocted the perfect potion to make any night in (or night out) something to remember.

We are excited to offer you new and familiar products that will help you feel better. Please consult our knowledgeable customer service team if you are unsure which products are best for you.