5 Tips For Caring For Your Clone

As you begin your journey of growing your own medicine, we want to help you feel prepared to care for your clone. We sat down with our Cultivation Team to get tips on helping your clone grow into a strong and healthy plant.

Here’s their advice –

  1. Gather your supplies.
    1. Do your research prior to purchasing your clone. Learn about what equipment is necessary for growing a healthy plant. A few essentials we suggest are -
      1. Lights
      2. Grow Tent
      3. Planting pots
      4. Soil
      5. Nutrients
      6. Water

  2. Go straight home from Verdes.
    1. Be sure to head home immediately after purchasing your clone. Especially during notably hot or cold weather, leaving your clone in the car for even a minute too long will put your clone at risk.
  3. Keep your clone indoors.
    1. Because your starting your grow cycle during January, it is important that you keep your plant in an indoor and stable environment. Some Personal Production License holders prefer to grow outside. If you would like to grow out side too, we suggest waiting to purchase a clone during warmer months.
  4. Transplant as soon as possible.
    1. When you purchase your clone, it will be in a red solo cup for convenience purposes. It will need to be transplanted as soon as possible. Transplanting your clone is important to its growth schedule and root strength. Its roots need space to grow at a healthy rate. More room for roots to grow can result in a larger, more healthy plant. We suggest putting your clone into a 1-gallon container. 
  5. Be mindful of lighting and watering schedules.
    1. As your plant grows, proper lighting strength and light schedule is crucial to the survival of your plant. The Verdes Cultivation team recommends T 8 or T 12 florescent lights. Additionally, watering amounts will vary as time passes. Be sure to read up on your clone needs as it enters new growth stages.

To begin your research, start by exploring the links below:

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